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  Handling of individual information
Winalite Japan understands the full import of the Personal Information Protection Law, and to comply with this, we establish and implement personal information protection policies. We also strictly manage all information related to personal information, prevent leakage to the outside for protection, and continuously improve the policy.
* Information with which individuals can be identified and information about products relevant individuals purchased or service is defined as “Personal Information.”
Collection and Retention of Personal Information
Winalite Japan will collect and retain the following information when you register as a member:
Items on the Winalite Membership Registration Application and Consent Form and Notification of ChangeItems related to product orders/returns, bonuses, membership titles, and seminar operationsItems related to cancellation proceduresItems related to videos, photos, and audios taken in events
Purpose of Retained Personal Information
Winalite Japan uses personal information for the following purposes:
To provide products, various documents, printed publications, and bonus bills to members. To provide information for business activities and to provide purchase results. To provide the publicity that Winalite Japan considers necessary. To provide to business entities and business partners customer management by Winalite Japan. To execute market research, data analysis, and questionnaires.
Personal Data Protection Policy
Winalite Japan educates and enlightens executives and employees for protection of personal information in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, and we implement all possible measures to manage the personal information we retain.
Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
Winalite Japan provides the personal information we retain to third parties within the following range that we consider necessary:
If a membership number, appointment, registration date, cancellation date, purchase history, and return history are requested from an upper affiliated member (including request of group organization chart creation), we will provide such information. If necessary to protect human life/body or assets while it is difficult to obtain first-person informed consent, we will then provide personal information.If requested by a court, police, or equivalent public organizations, we will then provide personal information.
Disclosure/Correction/Addition/Deletion of Personal Information
Winalite Japan will respond to disclosure/correction/addition/deletion of the personal information we retain only when the relevant person submits a formal request.
Contact with regard to Handling of Personal Information
Winalite Japan
Ikebukuro TA Building 4F, 2-14-4, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014Tel: +81 3 3980 9666 (main)
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