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  Profile of Winalite International President Chen Huaide
Born in Guangdong Province. Current President of Winalite International. He is a founder of a growing system and has attracted attention as one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world. His personal policies are in charity work and social welfare activities.
陳懐徳 The success story of innovative and rapidly growing Winalite International was created by Chen Huaide, a business specialist who founded many businesses and developed Winalite International into a global company.
(Current President of the company) and Honorary Citizen of Guangzhou city

・Honorary Citizen of New York
・Permanent Honorary President of Qinghai Province Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Pupil Rescue Association
・2006 World’s Outstanding Chinese Contribution Award
・2007 China Poverty Alleviation
・Vice President of China Poverty Alleviation Development Association

Foundation History
Graduated from the Management Department in Shenzhen University
Established Shenzhen Arts Clothing and Hat Co., Ltd.
Established Hong Kong Arts Clothing and Hat Group Co., Ltd.
Established seventeen companies, including Hong Kong Genius Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Arts Wielding Wire Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Huaide Industries Co., Ltd, Guangdong Huazhou Arts Double Bridge Cement Factory, and Shenyang Arts Restaurant and Entertainment Co., Ltd.
October 1997
Established Hong Kong Winalite International and Shenzhen Winalite Technology Co., Ltd.
March 2001
Established Guangzhou Yuguan Industries Development Co., Ltd.
April 2002
Established Guagnzhou Guixin Industries Co., Ltd.
August 2006
Established Hong Kong Tianlai International Group of Companies Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Tianlai Daily Products Franchise Co., Ltd.
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